The Chefz is a food delivery company that serves as an intermediary between customers and restaurants. Using the app, customers place (and pay for) an order, which is then conveyed to the participating restaurant.

When the food is prepared, The Chefz collects the food and delivers it to the customer in the comfort of their own home, office, or wherever else they’ve chosen. The Chefz takes a cut of the revenue and pays the delivery.

According to GlobalWebIndex, if the delivery is fast and free, you’ll be getting somewhere. The Chefz currently charges variable fees for delivery (based on distance…

Influencing without authority is a critical job skill for project managers. Keeping the cats herded requires a combination of strong project management and communication skills. When you combine that with influencing levers, you can master the most complex projects. Here are five ways to influence without authority.


​Expertise is a powerful influencing factor. Discipline-specific expertise is fundamental when diverse roles are working together in a project. Industry-specific expertise can be critical when you are working in a cross-industry team. Use your expertise to underpin your recommendations and requests. …

As an analytics solution, One of Big SMS providers in Saudi Arabia gathers vast amounts of data. To ensure they provide analytics data that effectively capitalize on the data they collect, They provide real-time search and analytics capabilities. To achieve this, I have chosen Apache Solr as the core search functionality.

It took much trial and error to achieve acceptable performance. In the process, I learned a lot, from which Amazon EC2 instance-type works best for us, to which simple query adjustments can improve query-time considerably. …

Nowadays microservices are a huge trend used by companies. Developers use microservices to architect for portability, while operators manage extremely large hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

In a microservice world, things become more complex. Platforms such as Kubernetes address a lot of the complexity; they handle resource isolation and utilization, networking, and deployments nicely. But a lot of the involved complexity such as load balancing, rollout scenarios, circuit breaking, retries, rate limiting, observability, tracing, and transport security is still left up to the development teams.

Of course, you can address all of these challenges in your microservices programmatically using popular open-source…

Don’t take your customers and teams on the bumpy ride to promise-land with you.

We have all seen a bunch of features spread out over a timeline that you try to stick to. But pragmatists want to use your product roadmap to make business decisions apart from the one on whether to buy your product or not. And if you fail to deliver, the consequences might be detrimental for your business: loss of confidence, angry customers, high churn rate, and internal stress.

Don’t jump the gun to deliver a fancy roadmap, because this is when the pain starts. And don’t…

Many Organizations use Relational Database like MySQL to manage many gigabytes of data. Sometimes, the tech team forces to implement NoSQL solutions on top of the relational databases to take advantage of NoSQL like building full-text search or aggregating and analyzing massive data.

Despite its advantages of having NoSQL on top of SQL. This solution does not support replication or an SQL layer, and we will lose ACID concept; ACID stands for:

  • Atomicity — each transaction either succeeds completely or is fully rolled back.
  • Consistency — data written to a database must be valid according to all defined rules.
  • Isolation…

Content websites need a system to ensure the relevancy between the page category and the content that show on it. Therefore, to ensure high data quality, data warehouses must validate and cleanse incoming data from users. is one of Arabic content websites that desperately needs such a system, it is a leading classifieds ads website in the Middle East and North Africa. The website which is available in the Arabic language serves more than billion page views per month, and also receives more than one million new ad postings from users every month. …

Acquiring users takes time and money, we are working hard for them. However, push notifications are the follow-up to user acquisition, to make sure that the marketing dollars stretch as far as possible. The idea comes from specifying a system that will enable the OpenSooq to profile users, segment them and target them with different parts of our platform based on a lightweight implementation.

The system is centered around the idea of generating a DNA fingerprint of each user based on his past interactions on OpenSooq, this DNA fingerprint is then transmitted to the client-side, that use it to identify…

Managing Serverless Multi-Tier Architectures in OpenSooq

The multi-tier application (three-tier, n-tier, etc.) has been a cornerstone architecture pattern for decades. The multi-tier pattern provides good guidelines for you to follow to ensure decoupled and scalable application components that can be separately managed and maintained (often by distinct teams). Multi-tiered applications are often built using a service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach to using web services. In this approach, the network acts as the boundary between tiers.

I show how we design multi-tiered architectures for popular patterns such as microservices, mobile backends, and our website. …

Why milliseconds matter

The microservice architecture style has been taking the software industry by storm in the recent past and with some good arguments. It objectively delivers key benefits that make the resulting system resilient to failure and scalable at the desired level of granularity. In an enterprise scenario, a microservice architecture enables the use of heterogeneous technologies and different architectural patterns. It also dramatically simplifies deployment and allows the engineering department to more easily shape up a bespoke project that reflects the internal organization.

While REST is widely implemented, a newer communication technology, gRPC, has gained tremendous momentum across the cloud-native community.

What is gRPC?

Ramzi Alqrainy

Apache Solr Contributor | Slack Contributor | Speaker | Chief Technology Officer at The Chefz| Technical Reviewer for Big Data Books

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